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Strategic Initiative Teams

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Eight Strategic Initiative Teams began work in Phase II of the development process in January 2015. Each SI Team is assigned to a major division of the University which serves as the lead area.  Each lead area had discretion in developing the membership of the SI Team(s) while being mindful that it is vitally important that the membership of the SI Teams be cross-functional and inclusive.  We have important, and sometimes difficult, work ahead of us and all areas of the University must have a voice in establishing the action plans and evaluation metrics that will guide our work to achieve our goals and in developing and monitoring progress towards our goals.  Breaking down the traditional silos of responsibility that exist at all universities will ensure that we are transparent, cohesive, efficient, and successful.  This is what we have heard throughout the planning process and it is important that we respond to your comments.

 Each cross-functional team has been assigned one or more strategic initiatives. Teams are working to prepare action plans and metrics to ensure the Make No Little Plans: A Vision for 2020.

The goals of each team will be to:

  • Draft an action plan or plans to accomplish the strategic initiative(s),
  • Develop detailed metrics for evaluating the action plan(s),
  • Promote collaborative work throughout the university to further the achievement of the team’s strategic initiative(s),
  • Strategic Initiative Team Leads will prepare annual progress pertaining to team’s strategic initiatives and present to the President's Council.

Eight Strategic Initiative Teams

Goal Area #1:  Academic Excellence

Academic Excellence Strategic Initiative Team

Lead Area: Academic Affairs

Strategic Initiative Responsibility

  • 1.1 Invest in Our Faculty
  • 1.2 Promote Innovative Instruction and Programming
  • 1.3 Strengthen Academic Programs

Goal Area #2:  Commitment to Student Success

Strategic Enrollment Planning Strategic Initiative Team

Lead Area:  Student Success:  AVP for Student Success

Strategic Initiative Responsibility

  • 2.2 Focus on Strategic Enrollment

Student Success Strategic Initiative Team

Lead Area:  Student Success:  AVP for Student Life/Dean of Students

Strategic Initiative Responsibility

  • 2.1 Invest in Our Students
  • 2.3 Increase Efforts to Retain and Graduate Students

Goal Area #3:  Institutional Distinction

Staff and University Culture Strategic Initiative Team

Lead Area:  Finance & Administration

Strategic Initiative Responsibility

  • 3.1 Invest in Our Staff
  • 3.4 Create a Dynamic and Inclusive University Culture

Advance the EKU Brand Strategic Initiative Team

Lead Area:  Marketing & Communications

Strategic Initiative Responsibility

  • 3.2 Advance the EKU Brand

Increase External Support Strategic Initiative Team

Lead Areas:  University Development and Alumni Relations and Graduate Education and Research

Strategic Initiative Responsibility

  • 3.3 Increase External Support

Optimize Campus Resources Strategic Initiative Team

Lead Area:  Finance & Administration

Strategic Initiative Responsibility

  • 3.5 Optimize Campus Resources

Goal Area #4:  Service to Communities and Region

Regional Focus Strategic Initiative Team

Lead Area:  Government Relations & Regional Stewardship

Strategic Initiative Responsibility

  • 4.1 Become the 1st Choice Partner in Regional Educational, Economic, Cultural, and Social Development
  • 4.2 Become Nationally Prominent in Fields with Regional Relevance
  • 4.3 Bring EKU to Our Service Region
  • 4.4 Bring Our Service Region to EKU


Published on March 26, 2014

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