A Message from President Benson

As our 2011-2015 Strategic Plan is nearing the end of its utility, it has sparked the formation of an EKU Strategic Planning Steering Committee to begin the process of creating a visionary five-year strategic plan to help guide Eastern’s course to 2020. Our new strategic plan will be a bold, forward thinking strategy focusing on academic and institutional excellence, student success, and service to our community and region.

The Steering Committee will conduct its work by honoring shared governance principles, all the while being aggressive and bold as to what we aspire. Specifically, the committee will seek ideas and guidance in establishing a vision, mission, values, goals, strategic initiatives, and key performance indicators. We will work within the EKU organizational structure to recognize the voice of every student, faculty, and staff member, as well as other EKU stakeholders. I have charged this committee to build a plan that is inclusive, equitable, and diverse, as these priorities are vital to our future’s success.

Update: August 13, 2014

When the need for an updated strategic plan for Eastern Kentucky University was realized, priorities were immediately outlined and they remain. 
They are: 

  • academic and institutional excellence;
  • a commitment to student success;
  • and service to our community and region.

It is with these priorities as its focus that the Strategic Planning Steering Committee has made tremendous strides towards creating a new plan to outline Eastern’s priorities for the next five years.  In addition to a Committee that my administration made every effort to ensure represented the broad range of University interests, our EKU Facilitation Center conducted 13 different Focus Group sessions attended by 215 people whereby the different constituencies Eastern represents each have had multiple opportunities for input.  Additionally, 410 individuals responded to the survey seeking your input.  I am so pleased with the amount of participation we have had in this very important process.

From these sessions, the Committee has arrived at the point where it is ready, with the input of campus, to create goals that will guide us from our mission to a bold vision.  To gather this input which is vital to the plan’s success, our Input Teams will be relied heavily upon.  These 101 individuals representing academic leadership, administrative leadership, faculty, staff, and students, have already met at least once and will be meeting again in August to provide feedback on the mission, vision, and draft goals.  Following the incorporation of the Input Team feedback, the entire campus community will be asked to provide feedback on the new mission, vision, and goals

Thank you
Michael Benson
President, Eastern Kentucky University